Known for; Its Eye-catching orange flowers, continuously small flowering and its compactness.

HibisQs® Petit™ is a newly developed type of Hibiscus, characterized with a lot of small, beautiful and conspicuous flowers. Breed towards the modern consumers who want a more minimalist but still exotic product to their urban lifestyle, inside as well as outside. HibisQs® Petit™ is not just characterized by smaller flowers – at least as important are the unique flowers willingness that characterizes Petit™. HibisQs® Petit™ loves and needs light - and should therefore be placed in a bright spot, giving the HibisQs® Petit™ its daily gleam of sunshine. If placed in a bright spot outside, plant it after May and it will bloom until frost. 

The HibisQs® Petit™ was first shown to the public at IPM Essen Germany 2017, where it won the "IPM Innovation Award 2017" in the category "Flowering Pot Plants". Since HibisQs® Petit™ has also participated at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 in the category "Plant of the year", where it was awarded 3. in the category.